The North Face Aleutian

At 1469g (without stuffsack), this 3-season synthetic sleeping bag is a very lightweight option and at £70 it is also well-priced. It is rated as having a -2 deg C comfort limit, but feels a little warmer so it should be fine for 3-season use. It uses overlapping shingle construction, which means cold spots will be less of a problem than in bags that just use simple layers of insulation. It comes in a compression stuffsack that provides a good packed size. In use the zip did not snag easily, and the wide zip baffle helps to protect against cold spots or draughts. The hood is a particularly good fit and is well-insulated too. Most importantly, the shell has excellent water resistance to protect the insulation from the damp, which would otherwise reduce its insulating performance. But it’s shorter than many other bags, so taller people should perhaps look again. Also, there is no shoulder baffle, so if you aren’t drawing in the hood and collar drawcords you could feel a little chilly as warm air could escape more easily from this than other bags. The drawcords are not quite as good as others. Some bags are warmer too.


Size: 200x80x50cm
Shell: Enduralite polyester
Inner: polyester
Construction: shingle
Insulation: Heatshield Optical Technology polyester
Packed size: 41x21cm; 30x21cm compressed
Weight: 1469g (bag only); 1610g with stuffsack
Made in China
Stores in UK: England 33; Wales 4; Scotland 6; Ireland 2

Verdict: If you prefer a shorter bag without shoulder baffles and don’t want the warmest bag then this is ideal.