Terra Nova Voyager 800 (2013)

Striking a middle-of-the-road note on performance and a slightly on-the-heavier-side one on weight, the Terra Nova Voyager 800 comes from a design stable well used to paring high-quality products down to a minimum weight. Its lower comfort rating is freezing point, which means it’s very much a spring/summer bag if used on the tops, but would stretch to 3-season use if camping in the valley. It feels a lot more robust, eschewing the slinky Pertex of pricier models for proprietary nylon; and there are places where comfort has been sidelined. There’s no neck baffle, therefore the hood is important; but the drawcord around the face has no padding and is therefore hard-edged; and the zip is a bulky, no-frills double-pull affair with no cords. The stuffsack makes an attempt at being a compressor, which is something – but wrestling the bag in is difficult. I understand the thinking here as it keeps pack size small, but it’s so tight I actually broke a piece of the compression system while doing so, meaning it’s unlikely to last long with repeated use.


Weight (with stuffsack) 827g (848g)
Size 215x76cm
Packed size 26cm x15.5cm
Outer fabric 100% nylon
Inner fabric 100% nylon
Insulation 800 fill white goose down
Construction box wall
Lower comfort limit 0 deg C
Extreme temp rating -15 deg C
Website www.terra-nova.co.uk



If pure function is your priority, the Terra Nova Voyager 800 is a solid, roomy option – but it’s all very workaday, and with just £10 between this and the Rab it’s hard to not spend the extra.

Review by Simon Ingram
First published in Trail magazine August 2013