Snugpak Softie Technik 5 (2012)

The Softie range of sleeping bags from Snugpak are made in Yorkshire, and they have been a proven budget option for over 30 years. The Technik 5 is Snugpak’s winter synthetic offering, and with a temperature rating of -15 deg C it’s more than capable of keeping the user warm in typical British winter conditions. You get a shoulder baffle to help trap air inside the bag, and a full-length side zip for when you overheat. The toe is a ‘chisel’ or wedge shape, so that your toes have good insulation all around them when you are lying down, and the hood is easy to adjust to fit well around the head. The drawback of such a warm bag using synthetic insulation is that the weight and packed size are pretty hefty, but that is the compromise you have to accept if your budget is limited. The Snugpak Softie Technik 5 is a great winter bag for those on a tight budget.


Outer fabric Paratex

Inner fabric Paratex Light

Insulation Softie Premier Insulation

Compressed packed size 29x25cm

Weight 2600g

Lower comfort temperature rating -15 deg C



The Snugpak Softie Technik 5 is the best budget warm synthetic bag in our review.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine March 2012