Nordisk Nunaat HP 2011

The Nordisk Nunaat HP is a well-shaped sleeping bag, offering a body-hugging mummy design, which tapers to a trapezoid shape at the feet. It also comes in five different lengths, so you can get one that fits you perfectly. The Northguard Extreme insulation felt very warm very quickly, so this is one of the better bags for cold nights. It felt about right for its -6 deg C temperature comfort limit. You also get a full-length, two-way zip that doesn’t snag, plus an excellent baffle to eliminate cold spots. The hood also fits very snugly with the right amount of material and no bunching. But the lack of shoulder baffle means it’s harder to pull the Nordisk Nunaat HP close to your body and eliminate the movement of air around the bag at night. As a result, it loses some of its warmth potential.

Size 200x74x32cm
Outer fabric LiteCell 40
Inner fabric LiteTex 40
Construction double batt
Insulation Northguard Extreme
Minimum comfort temperature rating -6 deg C
Packed size 42x27x87cm; 30x29x88cm compressed
Weight 1712g (bag); 1858g with stuffsack
Made in China
Stores in the UK 12


The Nordisk Nunaat HP is a very good, well-shaped bag that will be perfect for 3-season UK use. The addition of a shoulder baffle would make it one of the best here, unless you don’t like them.

Review by Ben Winston
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2011