Mountain Hardwear Ultra Lamina (2013)

Now here’s something new: a synthetic bag that can compete on every level with a down bag. The Mountain Hardwear Ultra Lamina just gets away with it too, packing down to a size comparable to the Rab and Marmot bags featured here, with similar EN-tested temperature ratings and the benefit of being insulated with synthetic Thermal Q fill, which – unlike down – stays warm when wet, which is an asset in the British summer. Therefore this offers exceptional value from the get-go, though there are extras that this bag doesn’t have, which will have to be forsaken as a trade-off. These include a shoulder baffle, a decent foot box (large feet? Try before you buy) and a fumble-friendly zip. The inner is also a bit clammier-feeling than some here, lacking the softness of the Pertex models; however these are fairly minor gripes considering the Mountain Hardwear Ultra Lamina is less than half the price of the most expensive bags in our test and actually has advantages over them in terms of its resistance to damp. These come in the shape of a competitive comfort temperature rating of 0 deg C, impressive weight, weather-friendly fill and a proper compression stuffsack.


Weight (with stuffsack) 763g (833g)
Size 198x76cm
Packed size 26x16cm
Outer fabric 100% nylon ripstop
Inner fabric 100% nylon taffeta
Insulation Thermal Q
Construction MH welded lamina
Lower comfort limit 0 deg C
Extreme temp rating -11 deg C



Minor gripes are forgivable given the price tag, making the Mountain Hardwear Ultra Lamina an excellent option for the UK summer.

Review by Simon Ingram
First published in Trail magazine August 2013