Mountain Hardwear Cotopaxi -10

This was foulnd to be a very warm synthetic sleeping bag in the Trail lab test with a result of -23 deg C, and it was noticeably warm in use too. It also has shingle construction, which means there are fewer cold spots. The side zip is well-designed so that it doesn’t snag, and it benefits from a well-filled and robust baffle to keep draughts at bay and shield your skin from the cold zip. The shoulder baffle is particularly impressive, being profiled to fit around the neck – and this is also well-insulated. Like some other bags the foot is shaped to allow a comfortable, natural position for your feet without squashing the insulation. The hood draws in neatly and was very comfortable. All that warmth and quality for just £95 is a bargain. But this standard bag is shorter than most other standard bags by 10cm (a longer version is available). The major drawback is that you don’t get a stuffsack with a compression system, but you can buy these quite easily and one would be recommended to reduce the packed size. The shell is also not as water-resistant as higher-priced bags. It is annoying that the bag is rated as -10 deg C and yet our test found it to be so much warmer.


Size: 200x80x50cm
Shell: Dupont 50d nylon
Inner: Dupont 50d polyester
Construction: shingle
Insulation: DuPont Thermalite Extra
Packed size: 48x23cm; 34x23cm compressed
Weight 2010g bag; 2035g with stuffsack
Made in China
Stores: England-40; Wales-5; Scotland-10; Ireland -1
Comfort ratings deg C:
Claimed -9
Tested -23

Verdict: Buy it if you want a very warm bag and can tolerate the large packed size and minimal water resistance.