Mountain Equipment Xero 350 (2012)

The Mountain Equipment Xero 350 is an interesting mix of traditional progressive features. The bag has an EXL lining, which means that the inner seams are elastic and hug your body to help eliminate cold spots in the bag. These seams feel quite pronounced if you run a hand over them, but in use I quickly got accustomed to them and it wasn’t an issue. Some users might find it claustrophobic though, so again, try before you buy. The bag has a two-way three-quarter-length zip with an internal baffle and anti-snag strip with a Velcro security flap at the top. The hood is protective and cinches in neatly but there is also a full shoulder baffle with its own internal drawcord adjustment for users who would rather sleep with their head free of the main bag. In use the EXL lining means the Mountain Equipment Xero 350 feels very different to the other bags in the test. Although the elastic seams do grip you gently, the inner fabric is soft and you can stretch out easily enough so there is no feeling of restriction and the bag is comfortable. The Xero comes with a compression stuffsack and a storage sack.

Weight (bag only) 808g
Size (length x shoulder width x foot width) 190x37x62cm
Packed size 17x26cm
Outer fabric He30rs
Inner fabric Supersoft lining
Insulation 750 Hungarian goose down
Construction box wall with EXL stretch seams
Comfort temperature rating +5 deg C
Lower comfort limit 0 deg C
Extreme temperature rating -15 deg C


The Mountain Equipment Xero 350 is a very well-appointed sleeping bag. The EXL system will either appeal to users or not. All the features add up though, meaning the Xero is the second heaviest bag in the test at 808g for its 0 deg C rating.

Review by Peter Macfarlane
First published in Trail magazine June 2012