Mountain Equipment Xero 300 (2013)

An impressive product from the ever-impressive Mountain Equipment, the Xero range has been redesigned for 2013 and now comes badged up with branded credentials, including a Down Codex stamp assuring that the 850+ Ukranian goose down within has been ethically sourced (as opposed to live-plucked) and features a breathable He30 shell and DC7 hood. This is all very impressive-sounding, but it’s all pretty meaningless if the bag itself isn’t any good. Happily, it is. It’s certainly warm: sharing the Rab’s -2 comfort rating, it’s joint warmest in our test. The foot box is roomy, as is the rest of the bag, allowing plenty of extra clothing if necessary to up the temperature rating, increasing the overall versatility of the bag. The shoulder baffle has a popper closure, the interior face fabric is nice and soft, the stuffsack is an excellent and tough roll-clip affair, and you get a loft bag. It isn’t perfect, though: the ¾-length zip is difficult to unzip from inside despite being designed to allow this, and there are lighter bags in this test. But otherwise this sleeping bag is pretty hard to fault.


Weight (with stuffsack) 778g (823g)
Size 185x76cm
Packed size 28x15cm
Outer fabric He30 shell
Inner fabric Supersoft 20 lining
Insulation 850+ Down Codex-sourced goose down
Construction slanted box wall construction
Lower comfort limit -2 deg C
Extreme temp rating -18 deg C



The Mountain Equipment Xero 300 is a terrific bag, which matches or exceeds the performance of higher-priced options for a lot less cash in an impressive package ideal for the British summer. It won Trail magazine’s ‘Best in Test’ accolade.

Review by Simon Ingram
First published in Trail magazine August 2013