Mammut Ajungilak Tundra 2011

There is a truly luxurious feel to the Mammut Ajungilak Tundra, a sleeping bag that offers a brilliant balance between warmth, weight and cost. The softTX inner fabric immediately makes you feel drowsy, and pulling that hood tight gives the sort of feeling that should be reserved for the spa. The hood is perfectly shaped and, in conjunction with the effective drawcord around the shoulders (not a shoulder baffle as such), this means just a couple of pulls leaves you toasty. The box construction means this bag feels really warm, and there’s a bit of extra space at the feet. Couple all this with a great zip that runs well and doesn’t snag, a highly water-resistant outer, a small inner pocket and a low price, and you have something that comes close to being ‘Best in Test’. But the Mammut Ajungilak Tundra is less well tapered than some of the others, and that extra space can make it feel a bit colder around the legs – unless of course you have chunkier legs than me. (Claustrophobic campers might prefer this extra space in the bag, though.)

Size 228x66x40cm
Outer fabric balanceTX
Inner fabric softTX
Construction box
Insulation MTI 9
Minimum comfort temperature rating -5 deg C
Packed size 45x71x24cm; 28x75x25cm compressed
Weight 1788g (bag); 1902g with stuffsack
Made in China
Stores in the UK 81

The Mammut Ajungilak Tundra is a great sleeping bag, which feels warm for its weight thanks to its quality construction, well-designed hood and snug shoulder cord. Perfect for travel and 3-season UK use.

Review by Ben Winston
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2011