GoLite Adrenaline 3 Season Mummy 2010

GoLite is showing that great lightweight kit can have even less impact on the planet by utilising eco-friendly materials, and running an ‘I’m Not Trash’ programme that enables their gear to be returned to them for recycling after use. Also, the down insulation is protected by waterproof Arid Zones at the foot and head.

The GoLite range of sleeping bags feature 100 per cent recycled polyester lining and shell. This is shaped into a set of vertical and horizontal baffles that trap the down insulation to optimise distribution for maximum warmth. Stretch baffles are provided so that the insulation is pulled close to the body to limit cold spots. And in order that the foot and head areas do not reduce efficiency when they come into contact with the walls of a tent that is dripping in condensation, waterproof Pertex Eco fabric is used. Inside this shell 800 fill power down provides the insulation. Unlike most bags the GoLite Adrenaline 3 Season Mummy has just a short zip on the chest rather than a full-length side zip. The bag has a draught tube around the face and behind the front zip, but no shoulder baffle.

On the hill
The GoLite Adrenaline 3 Season Mummy is not the lightest or most compact bag of those tested, even though it does not have a full-length zip. However unless you are really counting every gram, it is still light enough for backpacking. What is more noticeable is that when compared with the lighter bags it does feels like it has more insulation in the hood and in other areas too. The impression is that you are getting more bag. It is full size too so when I got inside it felt very comfy with the elasticated baffles hugging my body more. Although it fitted well, the hood drawcord was not ideal and the material bunched a little when this was pulled in. The front zip did snag a couple of times, but I quite liked its position while lying on my side. However I tend to need to vent my foot area, and I could not. Having the waterproof material at the foot and hood is ideal as these areas so often get damp.

In the lab
At 11.5TOG / -13 deg C the GoLite Adrenaline 3 Season Mummy tested warmer than the manufacturer’s rating, so at least it is likely to stay warm enough for 3-season use even when some degradation of performance takes place.

Size 220x80x55cm
Outer fabric Micro 20 nylon; waterproof at foot and head
Inner fabric micro nylon supersoft
Fill weight 400g ethical goose down
Fill power 860
Lower comfort temp rating -5 deg C body (-10 in head and foot)
Trail temp rating -10 deg C
Packed size 37x18cm in stuffsack; 27x18cm compressed
Weight bag 808g; stuffsack 40g
Made in Poland
Stores across UK 12
Stockist details tel. (0161) 432 0319; www.tundrasleepingbags.com


The GoLite Adrenaline 3 Season Mummy has waterproof material at foot and head; enhanced foot space with extra insulation; ethically sourced down, well-fitting hood.
But there’s no side baffle so users need to ensure down is correctly distributed; others felt a little warmer; zip snags easier than others. In summary, it’s an excellent ethical bag with enhanced performance features at  the foot and head

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2010