Ajungilak Tyin Winter

Depending on which figures you read, this synthetic sleeping bag is only rated as –7, but it appears far warmer than this and our lab tests placed it towards the warmer end of the scale. It is insulated with polyester Hollofibre. It comes in a compression stuffsack and the bag has an extremely water-resistant outer. The bag has a good side zip that does not snag easily and there is a good baffle behind this to keep draughts and cold spots at bay. Get in the bag, and it feels spacious and comfortable. There is a well-filled shoulder baffle and when you pull in all the drawcords you feel really snug. The hood is good too and fits reasonably well. This all adds up to a bag that is ideal for cooler weather. All that for just £130 is a bargain. But the zip extends high onto the face, which is irritating. And although you save cash, you’ll have to haul a pretty heavy bag around the hills as this weighs in at 2670g. Take care too when compared this bag with others as the labelling is very confusing as it includes two test methods – so unless you really know what you are looking for you could buy the wrong product. New, clearer swingtags and labels will be made available, so Ajungilak informed us.


Size: 220x80x50cm
Shell: MTI Endurance
Inner: MLT Endurance
Construction: layered
Insulation: polyester hollowfibre
Packed size: 28x48cm; 28x36cm compressed
Weight: 2520g bag; 2670g with stuffsack
Made in China
Stores: no info provided
Comfort ratings deg C:
Claimed -7
Tested -13

Verdict: Buy it if you want a warm, inexpensive sleeping bag and are prepared to carry more weight.