Ajungilak Kompact 3 season

This 3-season synthetic sleeping bag only weighs 1600g. The manufacturer rates it as -1 comfort temp when tested to EN13537 but it feels warmer. It comes in a compression stuffsack, and it compresses down well. You get a substantial zip baffle too to keep draughts at bay and there is also a good anti-snag design to the side zip, which doesn’t snag easily. The fit of the bag is reasonably spacious, while the hood is a nice close fit to help retain heat. Better still, you get excellent water repellency – an essential feature when camping. This all adds up to a great bag that is ideal for general use from spring through to autumn. But you don’t get a big shoulder baffle on this bag, although there is a drawcord around the shoulder area. For some this won’t be an issue, but if you don’t want the hood fully drawn in then a shoulder baffle is very good at trapping the warm air around the body so that it doesn’t escape around the neck of the bag.


Size: 220x80x50cm
Shell: Performance TX
Inner: textured
Construction: 8-layer
Insulation: MTI 12
Packed size: 43x23cm; 29x23cm compressed
Weight: 1600g (bag only); 1716g with stuffsack
Made in China
Stores in UK: England 150; Wales 40; Scotland 20; N Ireland 5

Verdict: Buy it if you don’t want a shoulder baffle and want a reasonably lightweight design.