Vaude Brenta 30 (2015)


The men’s Brenta has a 30 litre capacity but the women’s Maremma is only 28 litres, and this is provided by a single main compartment with a snow-lock extension, a lid with twin buckles and a raincover. The lid gets a nice large pocket on the outside, plus an internal pocket. Stretch mesh pockets are provided on the front and side, along with compression straps with quick-release buckles. 5/5


We tested the men’s Brenta 30, which has a superb back system that holds the sack away from the body for more airflow, but importantly you can adjust how much airflow there is. So if you prefer, you can relax this for a closer, more stable fit. The shoulder straps can also be shorted or lengthened to suit your back length and ensure the hipbelt sits on your hips. 5/5


The control of airflow and the adjustable shoulder straps mean the Vaude Brenta is comfortable for a wide range of body sizes and needs. The padding is perhaps firmer than some others and the hip fins are a little stiffer. The back system is also stiff enough to ensure that even with careless packing, items don’t dig into your back. 5/5

In use

The Vaude Brenta’s weight (1128g) is a bit higher than the lightest options but it’s a smaller capacity. We liked that the main compartment has a small snow-lock extension and the side compression straps get quick-release buckles, so trekking poles can be easily attached. The front stretch pocket is great for storing waterproofs between showers, and the lid pocket is nice and big. 5/5


At only 30 litres you are getting less capacity for your cash here than others, so the Vaude Brenta isn’t quite as nice on price as on performance. 4/5


The Vaude Brenta appeals to a wide range of users, and edges the win for its value/performance balance. It won Trail’s ‘Best in Test’ award. 4.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine March 2015