Vaude Jolly Comfort

I’ve been carrying Artie around in a Jolly Comfort since he was six months old and if I was in the market for a carrier this is definitely the one I’d opt for because A) it has a good specifications for UK walkers and B) it offers the kind of value for money that I demand (I am a devout skinflint). After a very long day on Snowdon it did leave me with a twinge in my lower back, and it isn’t as comfortable as others on offer, but it performs perfectly well for my needs and has seen plenty of action on the hill. The rain cover that comes as standard doesn’t stay in place on gusty days, but for an extra £10 you can buy a mountain-ready raincover that stays put and keeps your precious cargo warm and comfy. It is stable on the ground and if you buy the full raincover it ticks all the boxes. I’ve used it with both my boys and it definitely gets their seal of approval. But the back system isn’t as comfortable as others on test, and the hipbelt isn’t as substantial. It doesn’t offer lots of fancy extras either.


Weight: 2950g
Adjustable back: yes
Fabric: 300D ripstop polyester
Features: fold-out stand, storage base pocket, small pocket on back, rain and sun hoods, changing mat (full rain cover costs extra)
Made in Far East
Stores in UK: England 40; Wales 20; Scotland 10; Ireland 0

Verdict: Buy it if you want a few-frills pack that is relatively lightweight and offers excellent value for money.