Vaude Brenta 35 (2011)

The adjustable back system has to be the biggest draw for this pack, being one of the simplest to adjust and allowing you to customise the fit. The real benefit comes from the ability to customise the amount of curve in the suspended mesh back system. Two small tabs are all it takes and so the pack can be adjusted whilst it is being worn, so allowing more curve for cooling and pulling the pack tighter to the back for trickier terrain, when the centre of gravity position is more critical. The pack itself sits well on the back, with a slim design that allows for plenty of rotation and arm movement. The actual straps aren’t the most padded in the world, and are soft so could well pack down after prolonged use. They are well-vented, though. Side pockets for bottles are huge too.

Capacity: 34 litres

Weight: 1,291g

Main compartment: Lid and drawcord

Back system: Suspended mesh

Contact: 01665 510660

Review from Country Walking magazine, December 2011.