OMM Classic Marathon 32L rucksack (2008)

This ultralight rucksack is a classic mountain marathon sack. The clever part is that the back stiffening has been replaced by a removable folding OMM Duomat. When removed it folds out to form a 80cm long sleeping mat that can be attached to a second Duomat to form a full-length sleep mat. Including the mat the sack weighs 704g, which is good for a 32 litre capacity sack. You get padded hipbelt fins and air-vented shoulder straps. There are pockets on the hipbelt, like most sacks. But what I liked was the side mesh pockets, which get drawcord closure, and the front mesh compressor panel, which is ideal for stashing gear. I also liked the elasticated cord side compressors, which can stash gear easily to the side of the pack. The single-buckle lid gets two pockets – which is functional and practical. But there is not much reflective material, while other sacks use heavier material that may be more durable. The back system does not provide much airflow, and if you prefer a self-inflating mattress then the supplied Duomat is not an advantage to you.

Capacity 32 litres
Fabric 210 nylon
Features padded back system; padded hipbelt fins; air-vented shoulder straps; hipbelt pockets; mesh side pockets with drawcords; front mesh compression panel; bungee side compression straps; hydration system-compatible; single buckle lid closure; two lid pockets
Weight 704g
Made in China
Stores in the UK 150
A classic mountain marathon rucksack that comes supplied with a sleeping mat, which is ingenious – unless you prefer using a more comfy self-inflating mat.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine August 2008