Macpac Torlesse 35 EU (2012)

If you want your gear to last then Macpac can be relied upon to provide durable kit that will just keep on going. The Macpac Torlesse 35 EU is made from 630 denier nylon with 1260 denier nylon on the base and just by handling this rucksack you can tell it is not going to wear out as easily as a lighter pack. The drawback of course is that the Torlesse weighs in at 1500g. The back system is well-padded too so you can load this up and remain more comfortable than some lightweight options purely as there is more support and padding here. The body of the sack has the option of using twin main compartments, so you can stash your wet waterproofs in the base and the rest of your kit in the top main compartment. There are very durable wand pockets on the sides that allow gear to be stashed safely behind the side compression straps, which are equally robust. There’s a very large zipped front pocket and a big lid pocket. This is the sort of sack you can use and abuse for year after year, and for regular hill and mountain walkers it would be ideal. At £100 the Macpac Torlesse 35 EU is one of the highest-priced sacks in our test, but it will probably outlast most so in the long term if offers good value for money.

Weight 1500g
Capacity 35 litres
Compartments 2
External zipped pockets 2
Wand pocket yes
Hydration pocket yes
Floating lid no
Back lengths two (S2, S3)
Women’s version no



The Macpac Torlesse 35 EU is a robust and practical rucksack for those hillwalkers who place durability and functionality above weight and price.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine July 2012