Lowe Alpine Nanon ND 50:60 (2012)

Though the Lowe Alpine Nanon ND 50:60 only has a single main compartment (as opposed to two) it certainly makes up for it with a massive front section that can take a whole wedge of extra kit if required. With two stretchy side panels and adjustable straps to make it go even further, it’s the perfect space to cram your wet waterproofs into to keep them away from your dry gear. The sack also has a zippable pocket that’ll take a map, roomy and stretchy wand pockets, and side access.

The lid has a large pocket and is extendable to allow for more kit to be stuffed in – though, as with the Mountain Hardwear pack, it does have the potential to allow water in if the lid slips down with something heavy inside it. Again, monitoring this and using dry bags would help.

Just one back size is offered, but it is adjustable via a concealed section under the lumbar pad. The Lowe Alpine Nanon ND 50:60 fitted me well, sat close to my back for good stability and was not too sweaty thanks to a mesh panel that provided good air circulation.

The compression strap at the top has no quick-release buckle, though the bottom one does. The shoulder straps are really thin and, though not a problem for me, those with narrow shoulders may find they dig in. For a pack that fits so much in, it is really light (1.26kg) – and for a price that won’t break the bank.

Weight 1.26kg

Capacity 50 litres

Compartments 1

External pockets 5

Wand pockets yes

Hydration pocket yes

Back lengths 1

Floating lid yes

Men’s option yes

Website www.lowealpine.com



The Lowe Alpine Nanon ND 50:60 is a light pack with an extendable capacity; a second compartment would have made it better.

Review by Phoebe Smith

First published in Trail magazine Spring 2012