Lowe Alpine Alpine Attack 45:55 (2012)

As the name suggests, the Lowe Alpine Alpine Attack 45:55 is very much directed toward the mountaineering end of the spectrum, but it is also great for more technical hillwalks, scrambles and winter mountain walking. It uses a new material that is more durable than previous Lowe Alpine fabrics and so it should withstand scrapes on rock better than most. The back system is nice, clutter-free design, making it ideal for use on snow and when mountaineering, but it’s also very comfortable thanks to the Adaptive design in the hipbelt and shoulder straps, which allows plenty of freedom of movement when hill and mountain walking, although more walking-orientated packs have softer padding and more airflow. The body of the sack benefits from narrow, clean lines, compression straps and wand pockets for stashing poles on the sides. The lid has a single buckle for fast closure, and it is a floating design so you can overstuff the main compartment. The lid has a very clever set of straps that prevent it from tipping forward too easily as well, making this one of the best floating lids I have seen for some time. Weighing 1257g, this is a great rucksack for anyone wanting a more mountaineering-orientated design.

Weight 1257g
Capacity 45-55 litres
Compartments 1
External zipped pockets 1
Wand pocket yes
Compression straps yes
Men’s back lengths 46cm
Women’s back lengths 41cm (ND Alpine Attack)
Website www.lowealpine.com



The Lowe Alpine Alpine Attack 45:55 is a great sack for general hill and mountaineering travel with a bias towards the mountaineer and scrambler in need of a simpler design. On that basis, hard to fault.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine October 2012