Littlelife Voyager

Parenting doesn’t mean you have to give up heading to the hills, but it’s clearly not a good idea to make your kids endure marathon Munro-bagging epics. And while this carrier will happily cope with low-level walking, it wasn’t my favourite choice for the hills. There are plenty of good features: foot stirrups to support older children’s legs, plenty of storage room, a detachable daysack, and a comfortable and adjustable back system. It also comes with a good sun canopy with netting – which is a really useful extra – though you have to pay another £25 for a full raincover. I don’t think that’s great value for money. And when my toddler, Artie, had a tantrum in this pack (he’s normally so well-behaved!) I suddenly realised how far back he was from my body. As he threw himself around, I had to struggle to keep balanced. When I took the pack off and put it on the ground there was no stability at all, and even with the clever foot anchor point, it wasn’t as easy as it should have been to get him out of the pack. 


Weight: 2900g
Adjustable back: yes
Fabric: 650D Ripstop, 1000D high-wearing fabric
Features: detachable daysack, viewing mirror, good base pocket, sun and shower canopy (full rain cover costs an additional £25)
Made in Far East
Stores in UK: England 175; Wales 35; Scotland 25; Ireland 18

Verdict: Buy it if you find it at a discounted rate. This is a great carrier for younger kids, but they don’t stay young for long and while this is fine for Sunday strolls, it isn’t the best for bigger hill days.