Kelty Kids Adventure

My youngest, Charlie, loves this carrier – and so do I because it is superbly comfortable for both of us. The fantastic sun/rain cover fastens securely to the main carrier and it means he won’t get sunburnt. And it’s easily adjustable so as he grows the pack will grow with him. The back system is stupendously comfortable and the broad hipbelt means I’ve worn this for a full day without feeling so much as a twinge. It features detachable storage compartments and a self-releasing stand, which is very stable on the ground. The climbing rope handles mean I feel suitably manly in my role as modern father; and a mirror, hipbelt pockets and strap-mounted phone holder make it a very functional pack. The only reason that this pack doesn’t score five stars is that it is designed with US rather than UK walkers in mind. The rain cover won’t cope with windblown rain or offer any protection against the cold. And the fact that the carrier doesn’t pack down well means that you need an SUV or Hummer to transport it.


Weight: 3750g
Adjustable back: yes
Fabric: polyester ripstop
Features: hipbelt pockets, viewing mirror, auto deploy stand, mobile pocket, zip-off day pack, storage area
Made in the Philippines
Stores in UK: no info provided

Verdict: Buy it if you want supreme comfort and a pack that will grow with your child, and you have plenty of boot space to transport it to the hills. Oh… and you do most of your hill-walking in California.