Karrimor Lynx (2012)

Traditionally when you needed a durable and roomy backpack you would automatically go for a Karrimor – and those characteristics still apply today, with the Lynx offering plenty of space for all your camping gear (and a fair bit more), a fantastically bombproof fabric and a build that’s certain to withstand everything you (and perhaps baggage handlers) throw at it. But now with people willing to sacrifice durability for lighter weight, these sacks don’t perform quite as well. Tipping the scales at nearly 1.8kg before you’ve even packed it, the Karrimor Lynx is the heaviest sack in our test.
It certainly is easy to pack, though, with two accessible compartments that zip into one (if required); good-sized wand, lid and zip pockets for easy-to-reach extras; and two quick-release compression straps.

The hipbelt contains no pockets and sits well on the hips and back. In fact the back system is one of the most comfortable  here. The mesh padding gives an adequate amount of ventilation too. However the Karrimor Lynx’s heavy weight does start to tire you out on long walks, hampering your comfort long-term.

Weight 1.79kg

Capacity 40-50 litres

Compartments 2

External pockets 2

Wand pockets yes

Hydration pocket yes

Back lengths 1

Floating lid no

Men’s option yes

Website www.karrimor.com



The Karrimor Lynx is a bombproof and generously sized pack that may prove just a bit too heavy and bulky for the average hillwalker’s needs.

Review by Phoebe Smith

First published in Trail magazine Spring 2012