Karrimor Airspace 35+5 (2011)

The back system is a little different to others, with a thinner area in contact with the back, which can be a little awkward at first compared to wider mesh vents. The hip belt also flexes independently of the rest of the pack, which does allow for more comfort and movement in the hips, although it can sometimes stick into the lumbar region a little. The split padding around the hips also does a good job of gripping, although it isn’t as well-shaped and contoured as other models. The actual pack itself is fairly simple, with a single main compartment and a couple of external pockets. There are a couple of zip-closure side pockets that seem to be a little too thin for much practical use, especially as they are trapped under compression straps.

Capacity: 35 litres

Weight: 1,453g

Main compartment: Lid and drawcord

Back system: Suspended mesh

Contact: 0870 838 7300 www.karrimor.com

Review from Country Walking magazine, December 2011.