GoLite Jam 35 (2012)

If you want to travel light when backpacking, the GoLite Jam 35 is for you. At just 735g, it is half the weight of a standard 35 litre sack. The weight loss is reflected in its minimalist design as you get the essential features but no more. So the back system is stripped right back to a simple back panel with some foam padding to increase comfort and reduce some sweat, but it is not as comfy as heavier ‘airflow’ designs. The body of the sack has no lid, but you get a rolltop closure with a simple strap buckle over the top. Again this won’t be to everyone’s liking but it is actually well-designed and does work fine. There is just one external pocket, and that is a massive one on the front. There are two wand pockets and compression straps on each side of the pack, which are ideal for stashing trekking poles or other items such as a tent. You can also reduce the volume of the pack by cinching in the base via a pair of loops and clips. The GoLite Jam 35 has been a staple of lightweight backpacking for many years and it remains ideal if you really want to save weight, but for some the lack of features will be a drawback. Considering how little you actually get in this rucksack, the price seems high compared to other packs with more features.

Weight 735g
Capacity 35 litres
Compartments 1
External zipped pockets 1
Wand pocket yes
Hydration pocket yes
Floating lid no
Back lengths S, M, L
Women’s version no
Website www.golite.com



The GoLite Jam 35 is a specialist rucksack that lightweight backpackers will love but general day walkers may find too minimalist.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine July 2012