Deuter Kid Comfort III

There’s no mistaking the German engineering that’s gone into this pack. It’s the child carrier version of a Mercedes or BMW: a luxurious ride in a meticulously designed pack that’s taken every effort to ensure your offspring’s comfort. There’s even a convertible-style, fold-back sunhood that zips out of the headrest. It’s the easiest of all the packs to get your kids in and out of, it’s very stable on the floor and there’s even a pocket for a hydration system. The adjustable back system is very comfortable, as is the broad hipbelt – so you’ll both be walking in style. But put this pack on and it feels needlessly tall. So in woods (where low branches are an issue) and on hillsides (where gusting winds may cause problems) this is a definite disadvantage. And although the sun/shower hood is well-designed, this pack didn’t come with a rain cover, which I feel is a big problem if you want to walk out of summer time.


Weight: 3100g
Adjustable back: yes
Fabric: Hexlite 210, Ballistic Lite
Features: fold-out prop, fold-out rain/sun hood, viewing mirror, hydration system pocket, good stowage options and large base pocket, higher padded headrest with integrated sun roof, kneepads on the frame, detachable washable thickly padded pillow.
Made in Far East
Stores in UK: England 30; Wales 3; Scotland 2 Ireland 2

Verdict: Buy it if you want a well-featured pack with plenty of storage room and if comfort is your absolute priority, as this is a definitely a good choice. The lack of rain cover means you should invest in a good set of waterproofs for your offspring.