Deuter Air Contact 65+10

The Deuter Air Contact range of rucksacks have frequently been well-received in Trail magazine reviews and this backpacking rucksack, which comes in a men’s fit, once more met high expectations. The adjustable back system is easily adjusted and comfortable, thanks to lots of well-designed padding. The body of the ‘sack has bellows side pockets, compression straps and wand pockets which means you have some options when packing and you can still keep the load neat and stable when the ‘sack is partially loaded. There is a snow lock extension on the top entry to the main compartment and the lid can be raised to allow the body to be overstuffed with kit. Better still there is a bellows panel that links the lid to the main ‘sack to prevent water from creeping in under the lid in heavy rain. This ‘sack provides everything most backpackers will need. But it is heavier than other comparable ‘sacks at 2950g and slightly more expensive. You can’t remove the lid, which some will feel is a disadvantage; and arguably this is not quite as comfy as it could be. 


Capacity: 60+10+8 litre inside pockets
Fabric: MacroTec / Ripstop-Polytex / Duratex
Features: adjustable Vari-Quick back system; twin main compartments; lid with 2 pockets; bellow side pockets; quick-release side compression straps; wand pockets; hydration system-compatible; ice axe/trekking pole loops; rain cover
Weight: 2950g
Made in Vietnam
Stores in UK: England 18; Wales 4; Scotland 5; Ireland 2

Verdict: Buy it if you want a reliable ‘sack with great backpacking features that is primarily beaten by the lower price and lower weight of comparable ‘sacks.