Deuter Act Trail 24

This bag is huge inside, handling a lot of superfluous gear-testing kit with ease. This comes from the simple, padded back system, that doesn’t have to curve around a suspended system. Of course, not being suspended does mean the pack sits a little closer to the back and can get sweaty. A few warm walks in Turkey did make putting the saturated straps back on a little uncomfortable after lunch stops, but the ACT system is undoubtedly the best of the channelled/padded back systems and in all but the hottest conditions performs nobly. Employs a lid-style design, keeping the main compartment out of the rain for that little bit longer, whilst providing extra storage. Low-down zip access to the main compartment is a handy feature too.

: 24L
Weight: 1,284g
Main compartment closure: Drawcord and lid
Back system: Aircontact, padded channel
Accessories: Pole loops; hydration-compatible; compression straps
Contact: 0191 296 0212;
• Review from Country Walking magazine, July ’11