Bush Baby Lite

This is an excellent pack with a very comfortable back system, which I was happy to walk around in all day. The sun canopy is very good and the rain cover, which has clear viewing windows on three sides, was definitely the least claustrophobic. The raincover doesn’t come as standard, though, so it will cost you an extra £15, which is money well spent. Indeed, with younger children, it‘s probably a good idea to keep the cover on in really windy conditions. It also comes with foot stirrups, which are more important as your child gets older to keep pressure off the hamstring area. Basically, this is a pack that will grow exceptionally well with your child and judging by the number of times mine fell asleep in it, I would guess they found it very comfortable. But it isn’t very stable on the ground, which does make it harder when putting kids in or taking them out of the carrier. And it doesn’t have the kind of ergonomic seating platform that you get with some other carriers. 


Weight: 1900g
Adjustable back: yes
Fabric: coated nylon
Features: sun/rain hood, viewing mirror, good size base pocket (a full rain cover costs an extra £15)
Made in China
Stores in UK: England 200; Wales 30; Scotland 10; Ireland 6

Verdict: Buy it if you want a good pack that ticks all the boxes and will cope with the vagaries of the British weather. This is comfortable and lightweight and will definitely meet Trail readers’ needs.