Blacks Alpine 30+5 (2011)

No award-winner but a fairly capable pack for the price. There are a few technical features that you’d expect to find in a decent walking pack, albeit not quite as well executed as on more expensive bags. A padded back system does boost comfort and keep the load tight to your back, but has no venting at all which does lead to a sweaty back. The back system is strengthened a little, but the reinforcement really just serves to stop sharp kit from poking you in the back. This does make the bag packable, though. The hip pads are shaped to fit the natural curve of the hips with a decent amount of padding. Inside, the pack feels a lot larger than 30 litres with a cavernous central compartment. There are a couple of zip-closure stretch pockets on the side but they are a real struggle to get to.

Capacity: 30 litres

Weight: 1,358g

Main compartment: Lid and drawcord

Back system: Padded

Contact: 0800 056 0127

Review from Country Walking magazine, December 2011.