Berghaus Freeflow 35+8 (2011)

A great pack for all-round walking, with an extra eight litres of expandable capacity for when you need to carry a bit more kit. The Freeflow back system is excellent, with minimal contact across the majority of the back and excellent padding in areas where it’s needed (hips and shoulders). The padding around the waistbelt is solid enough, and extends right around to offer better weight distribution. The back system is also adjustable, allowing it to fit those with longer backs. The curve of the back isn’t affected as you change the length, but there is quite a pronounced curve across the back, which, although better for venting, does mean that any weight is held quite a distance from the back. In a pack of this size, though, that isn’t too much of a problem.

Capacity: 35 litres

Weight: 1,709g

Main compartment: Lid and drawcord

Back system: Suspended mesh

Contact: 0845 607 2477

Review from Country Walking magazine, December 2011.