Euro Hike Hydro 35+5 (2011)

One of the cheaper models and as a result doesn’t have the technical features of others. The back system uses simple padding that does keep the load close to your centre of gravity, but doesn’t allow air to circulate and so quickly leads to a sweaty and uncomfortable back. Also it isn’t very well protected and you have to be careful how you load harder kit close to the outside. The roll-top closure is interesting, making the pack almost like a dry bag, although the seal didn’t seem to be very resilient. There is also a roll-top closure on the lid pocket which seems a little unnecessary. A normal zip would do the job more effectively.

Capacity: 35 litres

Weight: 1,218g

Main compartment: Roll-top and lid

Back system: Padded

Contact: 0800 389 5861

Review from Country Walking magazine, December 2011