Wynnster Vail Zip Neck

This Wynnster Vail Zip Neck fleece is made from an attractive waffle-grid fabric. The design is long and can look rather shapeless, but makes a comfortable enough layer if you don’t mind feeling ‘swamped’. The sleeves feel bulky too. The half-zip is a little too short to pull this fleece on and off easily, but the collar is snug.

Verdict: Not as stylish as some, but an ideal outer layer that would be useful to carry in a rucksack where there’s a risk of the weather changing. Not bad value either. 

Colours: Pale blue, stone, pale olive green

Sizes: 10-18

Fabric: Cirrus Fleece (textured/Grid)

Contact: 01372 377713, www.wynnster.co.uk