Vaude Sundance

This windproof fleece from Vaude is light and flexible. It fits really well and its short length makes it easy to move around in. Although the collar is a little low, it is snug and the baffle small enough not to annoy you too much. Totally windproof and light, so works well as an extra layer on cold days without getting too hot. Packs away easily and the versatility of the elastic cuffs and mesh pockets is good. A higher collar would increase warmth.

Verdict: A good looking, lightweight fleece worthy of its price tag. Well suited for high mountain activities and packs away easily, but doesn’t really need the baffle.

Colours: Black, hibiscus, dark pink, metallic

Sizes: 36-44 Euro, (UK 10-18)

Fabric: Pontetorto Windproof 100

Weight: 420g

Men’s version: Lombok

Contact: 01665 510660;