Rohan Silver Fleece Zip

Getting hot and sweaty tends to result in smelly gear, which is none too pleasant whatever the circumstances. The X-Static silver fibres in this fleece mid layer reduce odour by controlling the growth of bacteria. Apart from that smell advantage, this is a useful top for wearing under other mid layers, as it is a thin and lightweight fleece that adds just a notch extra warmth to your layering system. The smock design and lack of pockets means it is ideal when extra warmth is required. The casual styling also makes it useful for general use off the hill. But with no pockets, no hem drawcord and no hood this is not the most technical design. Also the smock design greatly limits the wearer’s ability to control their body temperature through venting.


Fabric: 90% polyester with 2% X-Static silver
Sizes: S-XL (men’s); S-L (women’s)
Weight: 286g (size L)
Made in China
UK stores: England 100; Wales 4; Scotland 8; Ireland 0

Verdict: Buy it if you want a casual fleece for the pub or as a spare fleece on the hill to wear under other more functional layers such as soft shells or other mid layers.