Rab Ghost

This fleece mid layer makes use of Polartec Wind Pro stretch fabric, which has a little more wind resistance than more open-knit fabrics, so you don’t have to don a windproof quite as often. It also feels a little more durable and a little warmer than some other mid layers. Yet it is still very breathable, making it ideal for use under other tops. Powerstretch side panels provide a closer fit without restricting movement and this makes it feel ideal for mountaineering and scrambling. You get a useful chest pocket and two map-sized hip pockets. The fabric is what sets this apart. But the main pocket access is easily obscured with rucksack belts, which is a major drawback of this jacket. A collar and hem drawcord would be a good addition. There is no hood either, but that is not unusual. It is also not a very lightweight option.


Fabric: Polartec Wind Pro Stretch, Polartec Powerstretch
Sizes: S-XXL
Weight: 562g (size L)
Made in Poland
UK stores: England 26; Wales 3; Scotland 2; Ireland 0

Verdict: Buy it if you want a slightly closer-fitting, warm and slightly more wind-resistant mid layer as this is great except for the pockets.