Montane Jaguar/Panther

Polartec Wind Pro fabric provides the basis for this fleece mid layer, and this really gives it an advantage as the fabric holds back the wind a little better than more open-knit materials. The inside of the material is extremely fluffy, making this very warm. You get a hem and collar drawcord to lock out the draughts too. For a closer fit without restricting movement the sides are made from stretch fabric, and this works really well. The two chest pockets are map-sized and allow easy access to maps on the move while wearing a rucksack. All that makes this particularly suitable for winter use for a variety of activities. But there is no hood, like most equivalent jackets. This is also quite a heavy garment at 660g, but in cold temperatures the extra warmth provided by this garment probably balances the scales.


Fabric: Polartec Wind Pro, Dryactiv Stretch
Sizes: XS-XL (men’s Jaguar); 8-18 (women’s Panther)
Weight: 660g (size L)
Made in China
UK stores: England 60; Wales 15; Scotland 20; Ireland 5

Verdict: Buy it if you want a warmer mid layer for autumn, winter and spring or just feel the cold (but don’t need a hood).