Columbia Intrepid PT 100 Full Zip

This Columbia Intrepid PT 100 fleece has a full zip and generous fit that’s rather big on the shoulders. Elasticated cuffs are comfy; the sleeves are a good-length and the collar is nice and deep. The fleece zips up left to right, which felt awkward. With two useful hand pockets and lined front panels, the Intrepid makes a solid lightweight jacket for use as an outer or mid-layer but is perhaps not stylish enough to wear as a casual jacket.

Verdict: A reliable fleece with plenty of room for layers underneath, but doesn’t quite cut the mustard for casual wear and is also rather expensive.

Colours: Blue, kiwi, melonade, black, graphite, mud

Sizes: XS-XL

Fabric: Polartec Classic Micro

Contact: 00 800 4378 7833,