Memory-Map Hillwalking App

As well as being an excellent standalone navigation app, this is particularly useful for those who already have Memory-Map installed on their computer. You have two choices: the Memory-Map Free app, which uses only online-purchased maps; or the Memory-Map full app (£19.49), which allows you to export mapping from your PC to your iPhone. For those who already have Memory-Map V5 software, this is an easy decision as it means you already own all the mapping you’ll need to make the app indispensable. You can either upload the maps via Wi-Fi if you have Memory-Map V5 installed on your PC using a simple web upload system, or download chunks of mapping by area, which you have to pay for. Both versions include the TOPO starter pack, which includes 90 days to utilise 3500km2 of digital mapping – so you can get in three months of walking before you take the plunge and buy the data. The interface is superb: smooth-scrolling maps with intuitive controls, pinch-zoom control and well-sized buttons, plus the additional features – route planning, trip computer, the ability to download GPX files (including Trail Routes via TrailZilla) are typically intuitive and easy to get your head round. The downsides – apart from the battery drain common to all GPS programs – are the relative cost of the map units, less international coverage than ViewRanger and the need to run the software on a computer to transfer the maps. There is an Android version coming soon.

Compatibility iPhone/iPad (Android version soon)
Available from iTunes

First published in Trail magazine December 2011


Memory Map Adventurer 2800

This is the only Ordnance Survey mapping GPS to come with the mapping included in the price – a genuine bonus – and it’s also very light and very small. The screen’s a decent size however, and is wonderfully clear too, but the controls are all touch-screen and the icons are very small, making it quite difficult with fingers and near-impossible in gloves. It naturally works with Memory-Map’s PC mapping software, which makes data transfer really easy. Once you’ve downloaded a route or chosen a waypoint, navigation is very simple, with a clear direction line on the map that points to your objective. It comes in two packages: National Parks Edition, featuring 1:50000 mapping of all the country’s national parks (£260); or the GB Edition, which features 1:50000 mapping of the whole country (£360.

Size: 10x5.5x2cm
Weight: 135g
Routes/waypoints: Almost unlimited
WAAS/EGNOS-enabled: No
PC/Mac-compatible: PC only
Works with: Memory-Map
Features: OS mapping included in package
Battery type/claimed life: Rechargeable lithium battery pack/8hrs
Contact: 0844 811 0950;

Memory-Map Adventurer 2800 2010

In 2000 Memory-Map changed the way hill-walkers plan their routes. Now they are about to change the way walkers navigate in the hills, if this GPS receiver performs as well as their PC software. Already dominating the PC mapping software market, Memory-Map has released the Adventurer 2800, yours for just £250.

The Adventurer 2800 is a small, neat, quietly understated GPS receiver. It is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which allows the unit to be smaller and lighter in weight at 135g than comparable units that run off AA batteries. Lots of mobile chargers and even solar panels can also be used to charge the unit. You get a touch-screen operating system with a full colour screen. Most importantly the OS maps are preloaded for the £250 asking price.

On the hill
Once charged, this unit is designed to be used straight from the box, so that is what I did with it. The onboard OS 1:50,000 mapping appeared at a touch of the screen. The receiver picked up the satellites quickly and soon my position was clearly identified (the car park at the foot of Stanage Edge in the Peak District). A thumb slide across the screen moved the OS mapping, and pressing the on-screen +/- icons speedily zoomed in on the detail. This was the best on-screen speed of mapping I had seen. My fingers were a bit too big and clumsy to use the drop-down menus, which are much smaller. But I had an early pre-production model, and in production the unit will, I am told, come with a stylus attached to a lanyard to improve this aspect of the performance.
Anyone who has used Memory-Map’s PC route-creating mapping software will find the interface very familiar, but even new users should find that on-screen route creation is incredibly easy. The PC-style drop-down menus are very intuitive but they definitely require a stylus for easy operation due to their small size.
One big advantage of the unit is that you can buy additional Memory-Map Digital Map Shop mapping products for your PC and then download them directly into the Adventurer 2800. This makes this unit incredibly good value for money and a real benefit when travelling abroad or for those who like to plan routes on Memory-Map’s PC software in the comfort of their home.

Price £250 for GPS receiver inc. OS Landranger 1:50k mapping for National Parks plus credit to download 10,000 km2 of Memory-Map UK maps. Extra mapping from OS, marine and aviation for UK + worldwide topos
Size 11x5.8x2cm
Display 6.2x4.0cm, 400x240 pixel colour touch-screen
Power rechargeable lithium polymer
Memory MicroSD cards
Computer interface USB port
Weight 135g (including batteries)
Made in China
Stockist details – tel. 0844 811 0950;

The Memory-Map Adventurer 2800 is waterproof; touch-screen; very fast operation; easy to use; can use Memory-Map PC mapping; price. But touch-screen is not as easy to use as buttons; relatively small screen. In summary it has superb on-screen performance but would be even better with button operation and a larger screen. It won the ‘Best value’

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2010

Magellan Triton 300 2008

Links to a PC via Magellan’s free download VantagePoint software but you need to import your route from Memory-Map into VantagePoint before downloading it. Tracklogs are uploaded in the same way. Navigating around the menus is easy enough with positive clicks as you scroll through the options, but the main control is fiddly to use with gloves on. Easy to read, thanks to a brightly backlit colour screen. To follow a route, a “heading marker” (direction arrow) needs to be lined up with a small icon depicting the next waypoint. This works well. There’s no slot for a memory card, but it does have 64mb of storage – enough for some topographical map coverage. Very quick to get a fix.

Size: 11.8 x 5.5 x 3.1cm
Weight: 212g (including batteries)
Screen: 5.6cm colour, 320 x 240 pixels
Battery life: 10 hours on two AAs
Routes/waypoints: 20 routes/500 waypoints
Works with: All mapping software that’s compatible with Magellan’s VantagePoint content manager, including Memory-Map; WAAS/EGNOS-enabled
Contact: 00800 62435526,
Verdict: A lovely budget-end GPS unit that does an excellent job.