Satmap Active 10 Plus

The Active 10 Plus seems to get better and better and the latest version, which is now WAAS/EGNOS enabled, features a hefty lithium rechargeable battery, and also comes with a 33% discount off mapping (Britain divided into three at 1:50000 £120 each; national parks at 1:25000 at £100 each; plus many other options). The latest version seems to pick up a satellite fix much quicker than previous models and the battery life is more than adequate for even the longest day-walk. The huge screen is a delight to use, enabling you to see a fair bit of the surrounding terrain at a reasonable zoom level without having to scroll. For most walks, the map screen is all you’ll need, but if visibility is poor, the compass page features a good direction pointer too. SatMap offers use of its own web-based planning tool, which is wonderful and negates the need to buy digital-mapping, but the actual transfer of data is significantly more complicated than some units. Also on the downside, the rubber USB cover is starting to fall off. It is big, and it’s heavy, but if you want a GPS that displays Ordnance Survey mapping, it’s definitely the best.

: 12.9x7.5x3.1cm
Weight: 230g
Routes/waypoints: Varies
WAAS/EGNOS-enabled: Yes
PC/Mac-compatible: PC only
Works with: Most software but best paired with SatMap online planning tool
Features: OS mapping (optional extra)
Battery type/claimed life: Rechargeable lithium battery pack/15-18hrs
Contact: 0845 873 0101;