Satmap Active 10

As the only dedicated hand-held GPS using full Ordnance Survey mapping, the Active 10 looks familiar and is therefore easy to get used to. Free download software (SatSYNC) is needed to move route data between GPS and PC, but once that’s done you have your route showing on the map – simplicity itself! Logical menus are easy to access via joystick/buttons, the “Mark” and “Go To” functions are simple. It’s not WAAS-enabled but accuracy was very good. The detailed 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey Explorer-style mapping means you can always see your exact location – reassuring for navigation newbies. However, the maps aren’t included in the purchase price, so expect to spend around £400 by the time you’ve covered your local area.


Size: 13 x 7.5 x 3cm

Weight: 175g (excluding batteries)

Screen: 3.5in LCD TFT backlit colour

Battery life: 9-10 hours on two AA lithium    

Routes/waypoints: Routes totalling 12,000 waypoints

Works with: All mapping software that’s compatible with Satmap’s SatSYNC content manager, including Memory-Map

Contact: 0845 873 0101,

Verdict: So nearly the perfect GPS, but quite expensive by the time you’ve bought your maps. Best for inexperienced navigators and shorter walks.