Mio A701 Smart Phone

This cross between a mobile phone and PDA from Mio has a built-in GPS antenna to boot. Like the MIO P350, when loaded with digital mapping software it can be used as a walking GPS that also shows full detail OS mapping. If you’re going to take your phone on a walk, why not use it as a GPS too? And it shows your current position on full OS mapping – brilliant! Against it though, it’s small and so awkward to use, you need to use a stylus, and it has limited battery life.

Verdict: Buy it if you usually take a mobile phone on walks and you’d perhaps struggle to justify the expense of a full-blown GPS purely for walking.

Size: 10.7x5.7x1.88cm

Weight: 150g

Contact: 0870 740 9040; www.memory-map.co.uk