Memory-Map Hillwalking App

As well as being an excellent standalone navigation app, this is particularly useful for those who already have Memory-Map installed on their computer. You have two choices: the Memory-Map Free app, which uses only online-purchased maps; or the Memory-Map full app (£19.49), which allows you to export mapping from your PC to your iPhone. For those who already have Memory-Map V5 software, this is an easy decision as it means you already own all the mapping you’ll need to make the app indispensable. You can either upload the maps via Wi-Fi if you have Memory-Map V5 installed on your PC using a simple web upload system, or download chunks of mapping by area, which you have to pay for. Both versions include the TOPO starter pack, which includes 90 days to utilise 3500km2 of digital mapping – so you can get in three months of walking before you take the plunge and buy the data. The interface is superb: smooth-scrolling maps with intuitive controls, pinch-zoom control and well-sized buttons, plus the additional features – route planning, trip computer, the ability to download GPX files (including Trail Routes via TrailZilla) are typically intuitive and easy to get your head round. The downsides – apart from the battery drain common to all GPS programs – are the relative cost of the map units, less international coverage than ViewRanger and the need to run the software on a computer to transfer the maps. There is an Android version coming soon.

Compatibility iPhone/iPad (Android version soon)
Available from iTunes

First published in Trail magazine December 2011