Lowrance iFinder Go

The low price tag of this GPS receiver makes it very appealing to the walker who just needs to find a location. You get a 16 channel receiver which should in theory get you a fix and hold the fix better than a 12 or 14 channel receiver used in some other units. The 48 hour battery life makes it ideal for long trips too without the need to carry a stack of batteries. Uploading of waypoints is made easy as the unit is compatible with Memory-Map software that is run on a PC. The unit can take the knocks as it is made with a waterproof casing and has rubberised buttons that are easy to use. World travellers will appreciate the 191 map datums that mean this unit should be useful just about anywhere. This is a very capable basic unit that is suitable for most walkers.

But it does what it says on the box and little else, so you do not get a colour screen or the ability to view detailed maps of the mountains. You don’t get a barometer, so the altitude information is not the best. Most annoyingly, you don’t get a digital compass, so you don’t know where west is for example until you start moving and the unit figures out which way you are walking.

Verdict Buy it if you want a basic GPS receiver for giving you a position fix and directing you to another one, but little else.

Receiver 16 channel

Size 52x13x30mm

Weight with batteries 168g

Display 33x43mm; 200x140 pixels, 16 level greyscale

Power 2xAA; 48 hours

Memory 32MB

Computer interface yes

No of map datums 191

No of waypoints 1,000

No of routes 100

Stores in UK England 100+; Wales 10; Scotland 25; Ireland 1 6