Lowrance iFinder Expedition C

This GPS unit from Lowrance requires that you first load routes on to a memory card on your PC, then transfer this data into the memory of the GPS unit – far too fussy. Other than that, it’s an easy unit to use, comfortable in the hand with simple menus, well laid-out function buttons and a huge and wonderfully clear colour screen. A superb navigation tool, but it loses marks as it’s so big and heavy compared to most. However, the screen is big and clear and following the direction arrow is simple and effortless. You can’t see your route in 3D, but this unit does have an electronic compass and barometric altimeter, plus a few other features including a voice recorder and MP3 player that some may find useful.

Verdict: A high performance unit that’s let down by its huge bulk and clunky data connections. Perhaps best for general leisure use than hillwalking and expensive when compared to other models in this price bracket.

Size: 14.2x6.5x2.4cm

Weight: 247g

Screen: 2.83-inch colour, 320x240 pixels

Battery life: 14 hours+ on two AAs

Works with: Memory-Map. WAAS/EGNOS-enabled

Routes/waypoints: 100 routes/1,000 waypoints

Contact: 01506 406277; www.silva.ltd.uk