Hill-Finder UK Hillwalking App

Here’s a cute and clever little app, which allows you to identify hills in your sphere of view, then gives you useful information about them. Included in its database are around 5,000 British hills, the position of which relative to you is interpreted by using the phone’s built-in GPS chip and onboard compass to determine your position and the direction you’re facing. These are then crunched against the database of summit grid references to produce a list of hills that lie within 4 degrees left and right of the direction you’re facing. It’s clever, and it also offers you such facts as the hill’s bearing from you, its distance away, what classification it falls into (Wainwright, Marilyn, Munro etc), a distinctive feature that marks the summit, and its grid reference. The interface is pretty no-frills, but this is still a worthwhile purchase for smartphone summit clingers.  

Compatibility Android
Available from Android Market

First published in Trail magazine December 2011