Garmin GPS Map 60Cx

This GPS unit from Garmin is great to use from the off. The actual GPS receiver can be turned off for indoor tasks, such as linking it to a PC. The big colourful screen is very easy to read, the menus intuitive and the pages easy to follow and customise. PC interface is also really simple. It’s superb, whether you’re just checking where you are, or navigating in poor visibility. Optional “Highway” page makes it even easier to follow your route. The magnetic compass and barometric altimeter are spot-on and can be easily disabled to save batteries etc. A little heavy, perhaps.

Verdict: A near-perfect GPS receiver that won’t let you down no matter how you use it. Its easy PC compatibility, excellent choice of pages and simple menus put it in a different league.

Size: 2.4x6.1x1.3in

Weight: 215g

Screen: 3.81x5.6cm full colour high-contrast backlit; 160x240 pixels

Battery life: 18 hours (30 with battery saving) on two AAs

Works with: Most software. WAAS/EGNOS-enabled

Routes/waypoints: 50 routes, 1,000 waypoints

Contact: 0870 850 1241;