Garmin GPS 60

This GPS from Garmin is very easy to use from the box, with a large clear screen and really simple functions, such as “Mark and Find”. A great selection of pages and it’s easy to switch between them, or even change the order, if necessary. Inputting routes or waypoints by hand is a slow process, but can be done quickly and easily via a PC. Slow to get a satellite position and faster than most to lose its reception under tree cover, or in narrow gorges. It is also quite a size to carry, and heavy, too. In its favour, its “Highway” page is really easy to follow and the large screen makes navigation or following a bearing an absolute doddle.

Verdict: An easy-to-use, functional unit with very good PC compatibility at a nice price. However, it doesn’t hold its signal as well as some and is also quite heavy.

Size: 15.5x6.1x3.3cm

Weight: 215g

Screen: 3.8x5.6cm FSTN, 160x240 pixels

Battery life: 28 hours on two AAs

Works with: Most software. WAAS/EGNOS-enabled

Routes/waypoints: 50 routes/500 waypoints

Contact: 0870 850 1242;