Garmin Etrex Summit

This GPS unit from Garmin is very simple to understand, with a logical sequence of pages, each doing a very specific and obvious job. It’s also extremely easy to link to the PC, although it’s not quite as effortless as the USB connection of the Vista CX in the higher price band. Note that the data cable isn’t supplied, so budget for this separately. The lack of a joystick means it’s not quite as good as some for inputting waypoints and routes by hand. It’s aimed very squarely at walkers and it does an excellent job, with all the features you’d expect, plus the addition of an electronic compass and barometric altimeter. The main navigation page is easy to follow, with a clear black and white screen. The simple trip page is also good, and the elevation data and graph information are interesting and very useful. It’s small and light, too, so no problem to carry.

Verdict: A big step down from the dearer Vista CX, but still a fantastic budget GPS, beating the Etrex as it has the electronic compass and barometric altimeter, features definitely worth paying an extra £50 for.

Size: 11.2x5.1x3cm

Weight: 150g

Screen: 2.8x5.4cm grey LCD, 64x128 pixels

Battery life: 22 hours (GPS only) or 13 hours (GPS and compass) on two AAs

Works with: Most software, including Memory-Map and Anquet. WAAS/EGNOS enabled

Routes/waypoints: 20 reversible routes/500 waypoints

Contact: 0808 238 0000;