Garmin Etrex H

A ‘get out of jail free’ device that doesn’t cost much, doesn’t weigh much, yet will give you an exact grid reference if you’re lost, and in conjunction with a paper map will point you towards an escape route if you find yourself in the mountains in poor visibility. It will exchange data with a PC if you do your planning this way, but the connection cable needs to be bought separately. Battery life is superb and not an issue at all if you are only planning to use it occasionally on a walk; and it’s tough and weatherproof, so there’s no need to worry about it in the bottom of your pack. The screen is small, and monochrome, and not as clear as the more expensive units, but odds are you’ll only be following the Direction of Travel arrow or checking for a grid reference so this shouldn’t really be a problem.


Size: 11.2x5.1x3cm

Weight: 150g

Routes/waypoints: 20 routes; 500 waypoints

WAAS/EGNOS-enabled: Yes

PC/Mac-compatible: Both

Works with: Most software including Memory-Map

Features: None

Battery type/claimed life: 2xAA/17hrs

Contact: 0808 238 0000;