Garmin Etrex

This GPS unit has a good page sequence to the winner (although it lacks an elevation data page telling you how high you’ve climbed etc). Hooking it up to your computer and downloading routes is also very simple, but you need to buy the data cable separately (around £27). Inputting route co-ordinates by hand is fairly straightforward, but there’s no joystick. It loses a couple of marks for its lack of an electronic compass and barometric altimeter. No colour screen in this price bracket, but the black and white alternative is still easy to follow. The way the accompanying information displayed at the bottom of the page can be flicked through using the up and down buttons is good. There’s a simple trip page which shows accurate distance and time info.

Verdict: Basically the same as the Etrex Summit but minus the barometric altimeter and electronic compass, the Etrex is an excellent, inexpensive, PC-compatible GPS with a very useful data connection.

Size: 11.2x5.1x3cm

Weight: 150g

Screen: 2.8x5.4cm four level grey LCD, 64x128 pixels

Battery life: 22 hours on two AAs

Works with: Most software, including Memory-Map and Anquet WAAS/EGNOS enabled

Routes/waypoints: 20 reversible routes/500 waypoints

Contact: 0808 238 0000;